How can I grow personally and professionally?
How do I overcome challenges with my colleagues?
What can I do to be more effective in my work?
How can I grow in my career and beyond my UNV assignment?

Discover answers, become more self-aware, and develop yourself by signing up Individual coaching sessions in conducive, confidential and safe settings with certified external coaches.

UNV considers your learning and professional development to be an important and integral part of your service as a UN Volunteer. So you are offered coaching as a way to develop personally or professionally.

  • You learn about yourself
  • You discover solutions
  • You overcome challenges
  • You develop as a person and as a professional
  • You are empowered

Especially important in these challenging, uncertain times, coaching provides a confidential, non- judgmental, safe space to understand and learn to deal with difficult emotions and thoughts, rediscover your strengths and cultivate resilience and wellbeing for you and your colleagues.

For example your coach can support you to:
  • advance your professional development or career plans
  • improve your interpersonal communication
  • develop effective relationship with your colleagues
  • work effectively in these changing times
  • develop your capacities and life skills
  • manage yourself and your work better
  • become an effective listener
  • handle difficult situations and conversations

With coaching you can change what is limiting you, create healthier behaviours and increase your confidence and sense of purpose.

Online Coaching Package:

UN Volunteers
  • 1 hour coaching session

Please note: Serving UN Volunteers are eligible for up to two coaching sessions for assignments lasting 12 months or longer, and one session for assignments shorter than 12 months. Eligibility cannot be carried over.

For questions or support, please contact us on eCAMPUS:

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